News Release
 March 12, 2020
CONTACT: Kathy Sautter
716 635 5577

At Tops, we are working hard to keep our stores clean, open and stocked so we can be there to support you, your families, and our communities, especially in times of uncertainty.

Like everyone, we have been monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We would like to address some of the questions that we have been receiving.

How is Tops addressing safety concerns regarding COVID-19?

The health and well-being of our associates and customers is our first priority. Our internal Crisis Management team that has been in place for decades has been preparing for the COVID-19 event since January that at that time, had just begun. This team is closely monitoring the developments and making adjustments accordingly. Many steps have been taken to protect our customers and associates.

What specific steps are being taken to minimize the spread of this virus?

In all Tops stores, we have:

-increased communications with our stores and associates and reiterated proper sanitation procedures

-added extra supplies like hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and disinfectants to help combat the spread of germs

-increased the number of cleaning cycles especially in commonly used areas like cashier stations and self-checkouts -increased the frequency of sanitizing and cleaning of food contact surfaces, pharmacy counters, restrooms, break rooms and other public areas

-continued to provide our customers with free disinfectant wipes at store entrances to sanitize their shopping carts or baskets

-stressed the importance of CDC guidelines in communications and the steps that our associates, shoppers, and community can take to help prevent illness. This information can be found at

Are you going to have the products that I need for my family?

Many customers are stocking up on necessities and cleaning supplies. Items such as hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, non-perishable food items, bath tissue, gallon and multipack water and more are in high demand.

Our supply chain teams have also been working around the clock to ensure that the food, cleaning supplies, household essentials, and pharmaceuticals that our customers need are reaching our stores as quickly as possible and are available to purchase in-store, with grocery pick-up, or by delivery.

Am I going to be limited to the number of items that I can purchase?

The majority of products in our stores have no limits on purchase. However, due to high demand and to better support all customers, select sanitizing, cleaning, and paper products along with TOPS gallon water, and multipacks of all brands of water are being limited. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Can you tell me when your supplies are going to arrive at your stores so I know when to go and get the items I need? While we are doing our best to ensure that we have an ample amount of supplies on hand, it's difficult to pinpoint when deliveries will arrive as delivery schedules are varied by store. And, with the unprecedented demand right now, we are uncertain on specific delivery times.

How Tops is addressing COVID 19 with its associates:

Do you have a plan for in place in the event that your business or institution has to close or reduce hours? If so, what is it?

Tops has an extensive business continuity plan designed for situations like this and it includes the ability for our office staff to work remotely if required. Access to fresh food for our customers is very important to us and we will take extraordinary measure to keep stores open. However, if the safety of our associates or customers is at risk, we will of course take appropriate measures.

Have you changed any of your standard operating practices in response to the coronavirus? How?

In an abundance of caution, we have temporarily canceled travel for our staff and have asked all vendor partners to meet by teleconference. In the stores, we have increased the access to all cleaning and sanitizing supplies for our associates to use. Additionally, cleaning and inspection cycles have been increased. For more information, please visit


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