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 September 17, 2021
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(Williamsville, NY) – As Tops continues to strive to leave our planet a better place, we continue to expand our sustainability practices both in our stores and behind scenes and be at the forefront of environmental responsibility through energy efficient upgrades and responsible practices.

EV Charging Stations It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EV’s) offer many benefits. From cost savings on fuel, to a smoother quieter ride and less maintenance, many drivers are turning to this economical and environmental choice. That’s why Tops is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of EV stations by 2022.

Today, Tops is host to three EV stations with the anticipation of an expanded footprint to ten by next year. Access to fast chargers, which charge an EV in as little as 20 minutes, fills key gaps to wider adoption of EVs, making them an easier and realistic choice for drivers and that’s why Tops is proud to have a recently installed fast charger at our LaGrangeville Tops (16 Jon J Wagner Way) thanks to partners EVOLVE NY and the New York Power Authority as well as two additional stations in conjunction with National Grid (5274 Main St. & Union Rd., Williamsville, NY and 22050 Seaway Shopping Center, Watertown, NY). National Grid notes that cars that are powered by the grid currently produce 54 percent less (lifetime) carbon pollution than gasoline cars, which could grow to 71 percent by 2050 as our power supply gets cleaner.

“Tops continues to look for ways to achieve our carbon reduction goals and help safeguard the environment,” said Tom Fitzgerald, vice president, corporate development for Tops. “With the installation of 10 additional EV charging stations, Tops will be able to help contribute to better air quality with less fuel emissions making an impact in the communities we serve.”

Flashfood Since the beginning of the year Tops has expanded its Flashfood program from 33 stores to 50 this year alone with more sites expected to join the roster in Tops’ Rochester based stores on the horizon. Launched initially at six stores in Western New York, this innovative and interactive in-store program allows customers to purchase food nearing its sell-by date to save money and to help reduce food waste. Items like fresh produce, meat, deli, bakery, and dairy, may be listed at up to 60% off on the Flashfood app and then are available for pick up at one of the designated Tops Friendly Market locations.

“At Tops, social responsibility and sustainability have always been at the core of our mission, upholding standards that ensure we reduce environmental waste and energy consumption while providing customers with sustainably sourced, high-quality products, at a great value,” said Jeff Culhane, senior vice president of sales and merchandising for Tops. “The Flashfood program fits right into our business model and we’re excited to continue to bring this unique, money saving opportunity to more of our customers.”

SolarPower Fields This fall over 75 Tops locations will be powered by the solar farms run by Convergent Energy + Power (Convergent), the most dependable provider of energy storage solutions in North America. This will allow Tops to reduce its carbon footprint by delivering more renewable energy in the form of community solar paired with battery storage. The solar-plus-storage projects developed by Convergent provides Tops and upstate New Yorkers access to solar energy whether or not the sun is shining and reduce the state’s reliance on power plants during peak demand hours.

“We are enormously proud of the opportunity to simultaneously reduce emissions and support economic growth right here in our home state,” says Frank Genova, Convergent’s chief operating and financial officer. “As the largest private employer in Western New York, Tops is an ideal, New York-headquartered partner that shares our commitment to corporate, social, and environmental responsibility.”

Totes for Change While Tops consumers have a wide array of reusable bags to choose from that consist of cloth and recycled materials which can easily and economically be purchased at the store, the Tops Totes for Change program allows customers to make the choice to give back to not only to local charities, but also help protect the environment.

Tops Totes for Change reusable bags with a special charity design are just $1.99 with $1 of the proceeds being donated back to four local community organization. To date the program has helped raise over $377,000 for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), United Way, Feeding America, and Children’s Miracle Network. Within those organizations the funds are benefitting area local chapters including Children’s Hospitals and area Food Banks.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability As we work to ensure we leave our communities, and our planet, better for the next generation, we meet our goals of sustainability with enthusiasm and resolve each and every day. In 2020 alone Tops

Recycled: 18,834+ tons of cardboard boxes, paper, magazines 181+ tons of cooking oil 647+ tons of plastic shopping bags and stretch film 285 tons of inedible food and unsaleable meat & produce

About Tops Friendly Markets Tops Markets, LLC is headquartered in Williamsville, NY and operates 157 full-service supermarkets with five additional franchise stores and is the largest private, for-profit employer in Western New York. As a leading grocery retailer in New York, northern Pennsylvania, and western Vermont, and with the support of 15,000 associates, our core mission is to help our communities flourish. We support programs that seek to eradicate hunger and disease; promote the education of our youth; and to ensure we reduce environmental waste and energy consumption while providing our customers with sustainably sourced, high quality products. For more information, visit


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