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 June 17, 2022
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by Launching Her Dad’s Favorite Famiy Recipe

Local Entrepreneur Mercedes Wilson “Relishes” in Sweet Success by Launching Her Dad’s Favorite Family Recipe

Williamsville, NY - Mercedes Wilson, or as she is known among friends and family, Sadie, is over the moon about her recent sweet success of being welcomed into 39 Tops Friendly Markets to debut her delicious Sadie’s Relish, just in time for Father’s day. And it’s her dad she has to thank in part for her success.

Inspired by her grandma Grace’s “Cha-Cha” recipe you will often find Sadie cooking side by side with her father, Kelvin Holloway, incorporating her family’s recipe in everything from breakfast staples like eggs to side dishes, ribs, chicken, on scallops and tacos! Tops breakfast family video.mp4 - Google Drive

“When my father mentioned it, I had no clue what it was. He did his best to describe the flavors to me and I made it until my father said it reminded him of what my grandmother used to make,” said Sadie. Since that time Sadie began making it for friends and family who fell in love with it. “What you see at Tops on the shelves, is the one inspired by my grandmother. I hope it makes her proud.”

A foodie at heart, Mercedes was always around food since she was little. She recalls being around her grandma, the inspiration for this recipe who was always cooking as her father was one of 11 children. “Once breakfast was done, she was already getting ready for the next meal.” That inspiration lead Mercedes to start her own line of Sadie’s Relish’s and she tells us, perhaps some other delicious homemade recipes in the future.

A native of Medina, NY and now a resident of Tonawanda, NY she takes pride in having her family be a part of her business, planting the natural ingredients in their own garden or chopping them at the local Lockport, YWCA, a community she grew up in.

You can find Sadie’s Relish in 39 Tops locations just in time for your Father’s day celebrations. From backyard BBQ’s to brunch, Sadie’s Relish - both mild and hot, will give your dishes an extra kick. To learn more about Sadie’s Relish visit her website at Sadie's Foods – Relish Everything (


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