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 March 27, 2007
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Giant, TOPS and Martin's offer customers food safety reminders for Easter or Passover celebrations

Carlisle, PA - Whether you will be enjoying Easter egg hunts or participating in a traditional Passover Seder, egg safety needs to play an important role in both celebrations. Proper refrigeration, cooking and handling should prevent most egg safety problems. This spring, Giant Food Stores, TOPS Markets and Martin's Food Markets are offering additional tips to help customers minimize food safety risks and to ensure an "egg-cellent" holiday.

Don't eat raw eggs.

Buy clean eggs - At the store, choose Grade A or AA eggs with clean, un-cracked shells. Make sure they've been refrigerated in the store.

Refrigerate eggs - Take eggs straight home and store them immediately in a refrigerator set at 40 degress Fahrenheit or slightly below. Store them in the grocery carton in the coldest part of the refrigerator and not in the door.

Use eggs within recommended times

Use raw shell eggs within 3 to 5 weeks. Hard-boiled eggs will keep refrigerated for one week. If eggs crack on the way home from the store, break them in a clean container, cover tightly and keep refrigerated for use within 2 days.

Handle eggs safely - Wash hands, utensils, equipment, and work areas with warm, soapy water before and after contact with eggs. Don't keep eggs, including Easter eggs, out of the refrigerator more than 2 hours. Serve cooked eggs and dishes containing eggs immediately after cooking or place in shallow containers for quick cooking and refrigerate at ones for later use. Use within 3 to 4 days.

Cook eggs - Many cooking methods such as poaching, hard cooking, scrambling, frying and baking can be used. However, eggs must be cooked thoroughly until yolks are firm. For hard-boiling eggs, cover eggs in a saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Turn off heat, cover and then let stand for a half hour. Casseroles and other dishes containing eggs should be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit as measured with a food thermometer.

Holiday Tips:

During your Seder be sure to keep hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator until ready to serve and refrigerate those eggs not eaten with 2 hours. For those participating in Easter egg hunts, check and make sure there are no cracks after you have cooked the eggs. Color only the un-cracked eggs and use food grade dye if you plan to eat them afterwards. If eggs are cracked while dyeing, discard them. Chill eggs in the refrigerator until just before the hunt and if left out for more than 2 hours, throw them out. To be safe, make two sets of eggs - one for the hunt and the other for eating! And if you're hiding eggs, avoid locations where they could come in contact with dirt or animals.

Leftover hard-boiled eggs?

This spring, many are sure to end up with an abundance of hard-boiled eggs, but besides topping a lettuce salad or making plenty of egg salad sandwiches, how else can you put your eggs to a delicious use? Try the recipe below for a "Deviled Egg Dip" - great for a spread or a dip for veggies and crackers


8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup sour cream

1 teaspoon curry powder

1/2 teaspoon dry mustard 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

3 slices bacon, finely chopped

1 tablespoon butter

1 small onion, finely chopped

4 hard-boiled eggs

1 tablespoon parsley, minced

Salt and freshly milled black pepper

METHOD: Beat cream cheese until creamy. Mix in mayonnaise, sour cream, curry, mustard, and cayenne. Blend well. Saute bacon over medium heat until browned and crisp. Drain on absorbent paper. Crumble when dry and set aside. Pour off excess bacon fat. Melt butter and stir in onions. Cook over low heat until transparent, but not brown. Remove with slotted spoon and set aside. When onion and bacon have cooled, add to cream cheese mixture. Shell and chop eggs. Stir into cream cheese mix with parsley. Mix well and season with salt and pepper. Refrigerate until serving. Recipe from

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