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 July 5, 2007
CONTACT: Tracy Pawelski

Special handling process produces ripe and tasty summer fruits

Williamsville, NY - Warm weather creates the optimum time to grow tasty fruits and vegetables, but TOPS Markets is combining a special handling process with fresh fruit growers to once again introduce Orchard Perfect fruit to its TOPS and Martin's Super Food Store customers. This signature program brings premium ripened fruit directly to the store and ensures that summer fruit is immediately ready for consumption on arrival to stores.

Orchard Perfect is a specialty line of summer fruit that has been carefully ripened under the warm Californian summer sun and hand picked at the peak of perfection. Once the fruit is picked, it's gently layered by hand into single layer cartons to prevent bruising. This process assures that the fruit is immediately ready for consumption once it arrives in the stores. Orchard Perfect fruit is exclusive to TOPS and Martin's and includes peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots (cross between plums and apricots), white flesh peaches and white flesh nectarines.

"Customers no longer have to wait for their peaches, plums and nectarines to ripen to perfection," said Jeffrey Beaulieu, vice president of produce and floral. "With the Orchard Perfect program, we can offer fruit at the peak of ripeness, so it is as its sweetest and juiciest stage for our customers to enjoy."

The program does not include homegrown fruit purchased from New York farmers throughout the local growing season.

TOPS Markets, LLC, one of the leading supermarket operations in the U.S., currently operates stores in New York and Pennsylvania under the names of TOPS Markets and Martin's Super Food Stores. Headquartered in Williamsville, NY, TOPS is a division of Giant Food Stores in Carlisle, PA. As a company, TOPS is proud to work with hundreds of local organizations in the communities it serves and has a long-standing commitment to eradicate hunger and improve the quality of life for children. For more information about TOPS Markets, visit


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