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 September 20, 2007
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Store pharmacists also provide suggestions for keeping healthy this flu season

Williamsville, NY - This fall, staying flu-free is a top priority for many. The best way to manage flu is to prevent it through vaccination. October and November are the optimal months to receive your flu shot and TOPS Markets has partnered with Maxim Healthcare Services and the Florida Department of Citrus to make the process a bit easier.

"Flu viruses change from year to year and, as a result, the flu vaccine is re-formulated," said Andy Markievich, manager of pharmacy merchandising. "This year's flu bug might be different from last year's so it's important to be revaccinated every year. The Centers for Disease Control believe the supply of vaccine is sufficient to meet demand this year and we encourage our customers to stop in to their local TOPS to receive a flu shot this season."

Getting a flu shot is a good start in the battle against cold and flu.

"Maintaining overall health during cold and flu season is also important," said Dr. Lisa Hark, Director of the Nutrition Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania school of Medicine in Philadelphia. "Following your flu shot with a daily glass of 100 percent orange juice and a well-balanced diet packs a nutritious punch needed for better health."

Flu clinics begin September 29 and continue until November 14 at all TOPS pharmacies. Associates from Maxim HealthCare Services are staffing these clinics, and Medicare, along with several private insurance plans, will be accepted. For a schedule of flu clinics at your local TOPS, please stop by the pharmacy or log onto for the Flu Clinic Finder which can be found by clicking on the flu clinic link on the homepage.

In addition to getting your annual flu shot, TOPS pharmacists remind customers of some tips to keep in mind this flu season to help prevent against the flu:

Wash your hands and wash them often! To reduce the chances of both catching and spreading the flu, wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap for about 20 seconds.

Maintain healthy habits. Attention to one's overall health helps your immune system. Getting enough sleep, regular exercise, eating well and lowering stress can help protect against the flu.

Get enough Vitamin C. Nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and carotenoids are important to the body's immune system. Florida Orange Juice is a natural way to help give your body what it needs to fight sickness and disease, especially during cold and flu season.

Cover your nose and mouth. When you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue to further prevent the spread of illness. If you must use your hand, be sure to wash immediately after.

If you are sick, stay home! Talk to you TOPS pharmacist about the best over the counter remedy and rest at home. Your co-workers will probably thank you!

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