News Release
 December 6, 2007
CONTACT: Katie McKenna

Williamsville, NY -- As soon as Soma Beverage released a voluntary recall on four of their Metromint flavored water, TOPS Markets, and Martin's Super Food Stores took immediate action to have removed from shelves several varieties of Metromint water due to possible bacteria contamination. A trace amount of bacteria (B. Cereus) is the possible source of contamination that resulted in the recall. All Metromint recalled products with "Best Before" dates before 12/21/2008, produced at the Californian facility, are affected by this recall.

The list of recalled products and their UPC codes are as follows:

Metromint Peppermint Water, 16 fl. oz., UPC 65856423055

Metromint Spearmint Water, 16.9 fl. oz., UPC 65856423056

Metromint Lemonmint Water, 16 fl. oz., UPC 65856423058

Metromint Orangemint Water, 16 fl. oz., UPC 65856423057

Tops and Martin's carries these products only in select stores. As an additional precautionary measure, we have restricted the codes at the register to ensure that these items cannot be purchased in our stores. We encourage any customer who may have purchased any of the four Metromint flavored water that has been recalled to return it to any of our stores for a full refund.

Customers who have consumed these products, are asked to visit the store where they purchased the water and fill out a liability claim so that it can be forwarded to the manufacturer. If customers would like to contact Metromint directly, they are encouraged to call (415) 979-0781 ext. 101 or visit

According to the FDA, the symptoms of B. cereus diarrheal type food poisoning usually include onset of watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and pain 6-15 hours after consumption of contaminated food. Nausea may accompany diarrhea, but vomiting rarely occurs. Symptoms persist for 24 hours in most instances. The vomiting type of food poisoning associated with B. cereus is characterized by nausea and vomiting within 30 minutes to 6 hours after consumption of contaminated foods. Duration of symptoms is generally less than 24 hours. Infants, children and pregnant women are susceptible to dehydration resulting from diarrhea. Individuals who think they may have become ill from eating these products should contact their health care provider for evaluation.

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