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 April 21, 2011
CONTACT: Katie McKenna

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Tops Friendly Markets, a leading full-service grocery retailer in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, along with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offer food safety tips on how to make your Easter holiday, safe and enjoyable.

Annually, there are over 40,000 cases of salmonella contamination. The most common way to contract the bacteria are from direct contact and ingestion of foods such as meats and eggs, as well as poor kitchen hygiene. The bacteria can survive for up to several weeks in a dry environment such as a kitchen.

Whether you are taking part in the annual tradition of coloring eggs, or participating in an egg hunt, there are several things that you should take into account to properly prepare and consume hard boiled eggs. Tops Friendly Markets recommends using the following tips to ensure you and your family enjoy a safe holiday. •Make sure to inspect the eggs you purchase for any signs of cracks, or soft spots. Any damaged egg is at high risk for contamination.

•To decrease the risk for salmonella, make sure to cook eggs properly in boiling water.

•Hard-boiled eggs should be used within a week after being boiled. Use within two to three days if the shell is removed.

•When using eggs for an Easter egg hunt, allow eggs to be out of refrigerator for two hours or less.

“Food safety is a high priority at Tops,” said Jim DiMartino, senior manager of food safety for Tops Markets. “Eggs are dangerous to your health if contaminated with salmonella, and we want everyone to be informed of the proper steps to ensure the safety of their families during this holiday season.”

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