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 January 24, 2018
CONTACT: Kathy Romanowski

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – While we’d all like to think that the Super Bowl is all about the game, we also know it’s also about the great food! In fact, the Super Bowl is the second largest food holiday after Thanksgiving and according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Americans consume 30 million pounds of snacks during the big game! So what will game day supporters be looking forward to snacking on come game day? We asked TOPS shoppers what top 10 items made their Super Bowl party snacktastic:

10 – Chili – Chili is a dish that can serve two purposes! Some hosts serve chili as a main meal item while others sprinkle some shredded cheese on top and serve with TOPS Tortilla Chips as a dip! Either way it’s a win-win! 9 – Bread and Dill Dip - This is always a crowd pleaser and a great go-to item if you need to bring something to that last minute invitation to your neighbor’s party. Guests will huddle around this item for sure! 8 – Nachos – Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Pile that on tops of Tostitos chips, add some crumbled bacon on top of lean ground beef, and serve with sour cream and salsa and you’ll have an instant crowd pleaser! Looking to offer your guests a healthier option? Check out these five alternatives 7 – Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip – You can’t go wrong with this Buffalo favorite! Whether you like to make your recipe with Frank’s Hot Sauce or Anchor Bar Sauce – TOPS has you covered! Pair it with TOPS chips for dipping and you’ll instantly score big with your party goers. 6 – Tacos and Pizza Rolls–It was a tied score with these two fan favorites. Create a make your own taco bar where guests can top their taco with their favorite toppings from olives and TOPS Shredded cheese to Fresh Express lettuce and salsa and sour cream. Are pizza rolls more your teams style? TOPS Superfan Central has you covered with great game day appetizer trays complete with these delicious easy to eat treats. 5 – Lays Potato Chips & Bison Chip Dip – Like Bonnie and Clyde, Sonny and Cher, and Batman and Robin, nothing pairs better than Lays Potato Chips and Bison Chip Dip! Instant touchdown! 4 – Pepsi – Pepsi vs. Coke. It’s always the great debate, but the great news is, no matter what your preference, TOPS has your beverage of choice to wash down a game day win! 3 – Cheers to the Beers –Buffalonian’s love the variety of local beers available to them like Big Ditch, Ellicottville, Southern Tier, Flying Bison, Hamburg Brewing, Resurgence, & 12 Gates, but they also love when they can get great deals on fan favorites like Labatt Blue, Budweiser, Coors and more! Be sure you keep your guests hydrated during the big game! 2 – Anchor Bar Wings – Coming in a close second to pizza of course are Buffalo Wings! Did you know you can get Buffalo’s famous Anchor Bar wings right at your local Tops Friendly Markets? Made with the same zesty wing sauce and prepared by the same standards as the original Anchor Bar, TOPS is right around the corner ready to serve up piping hot Anchor Bar wings in original, mild, hotter, suicidal, and BBQ. 1 – Pizza– It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without one of Buffalo’s beloved favorites – PIZZA! TOPS has six specialty pizzas including Broccoli Chicken, Chicken Wing, Sausage Supreme Italiano, 3-Cheese Steak, White, and Classic Veggie in addition to its classic Margherita Cheese and Pepperoni. Or start the celebration early and enjoy one of TOPS signature breakfast pizzas. Why limit yourself to one, when you can try them all! Pair a sheet Cheese and Pepperoni with 50 Anchor Bar Wings and create a winning spread!

“When I saw the top 10 list, I wasn’t surprised in the least as to what people blitzed our store for come game day,” said Susan Durfee, director for Tops Friendly Markets Carry Out Café and Deli. “Western New Yorkers love to entertain and want to make sure they offer their guests a wide assortment of delicious treats. From party platters and snacks to the main meal, they know TOPS has them covered from kickoff to the final field goal.”

To make sure your game day celebration is on point, make sure you stop by your local TOPS, or order great game day platters by visiting TOPS Carry out Café, or call 1-800-925-8925 today. # # #

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