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 January 25, 2019
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WILMINGTON, OH (January 25, 2019) – BrightFarms, the No. 1 brand of locally grown packaged salads, is now available at Tops Friendly Markets. BrightFarms, which sustainably grows salad greens and herbs in hydroponic greenhouses, supplies consumers with year-round local produce.

BrightFarms supplies over 140 Tops stores throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont with six unique sustainably produced greens grown right at its Wilmington, Ohio greenhouse.

As consumer demand for locally grown produce has increased, BrightFarms has played a key role for retailers looking to source from farms closer to their stores. BrightFarms’ hydroponic greenhouses use 80 percent less water, 90 percent less land, and 90 percent less shipping fuel when compared to long distance salad growers that are typically located in California or Arizona.

The proximity of the BrightFarms’ greenhouse to Tops stores will ensure fresh, great-tasting salad greens that are delivered within 24 hours of harvest. Additionally, all of the company’s salad greens are pesticide free and are certified non-GMO.

“We feel that BrightFarms is a great compliment to our offerings. Tops customers demand the freshest and best produce possible and BrightFarms delivers that day in and day out,” said Jeff Cady, director of produce and floral for Tops Friendly Markets. “They’re "local" without being local, if you will. We are truly excited to be partnering with a company that is innovative, driven, and looking to brighten the future of our planet.”

The following BrightFarms products will be available at Tops stores: • Sunny Crunch - Delight your salads with the light and crisp texture of this greener and more flavorful iceberg! Sunny Crunch combines the crunch of an iceberg into the delightful experience of a leafy green. • Spring Mix - This vibrant mix of textures and colors is a true masterpiece. The combination of greens and lettuces including romaine and arugula, creates a sweet blend of baby lettuces that’s best enjoyed with a simple vinaigrette.) • Spinach - Our uniquely tender Baby Spinach has a nutty flavor and is as versatile as it is delicious in salads, sautéed with garlic or an ingredient in your favorite soup. • Arugula - With a distinctively bold, peppery flavor and signature spiciness, our baby arugula is a tasty addition to almost any dish. Try some in green salads, on your favorite sandwiches, and as a pizza topping. • Fresh Kick - A Mix of Peppery, Spicy & Zesty Greens! • Romaine - The crisp texture and delicate flavor of selected young Romaine would go great in your favorite sandwich or as a key ingredient in your Caesar salad.

“We are thrilled to be delivering our delicious and nutrient-rich salad greens to Tops consumers," said Paul Lightfoot, CEO of BrightFarms. "We pride ourselves on growing fresher, cleaner, and tastier produce without the use of pesticides or GMOs. Coming from Ohio, we’re able to deliver our produce to Tops within 24 hours of harvest.”

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About BrightFarms BrightFarms grows local produce, nationwide. BrightFarms finances, builds, and operates local greenhouse farms in partnership with supermarkets, cities, capital sources, and vendors, enabling it to quickly and efficiently eliminate time, distance, and costs from the food supply chain. BrightFarms’ growing methods, a model for the future of scalable, sustainable local farming, uses far less energy, land and water than long distance, centralized and field grown agriculture. Fast Company recognizes BrightFarms as “One of World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” and one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food” in the world. For more information, please visit Media Inquiries: Kathy Sautter 716-635-5577

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