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 January 30, 2019
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WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – While we’d all like to think that the Superbowl is about the game, we know at the end of the day, it’s truly all about the food! Why not wow your guests not only with some delicious dishes, but also with your extensive knowledge of their hometown team’s favorite famous foods. Here are some fun food facts and inspiration from the LA Rams and New England Patriots hometowns.

LA Rams: While there have been many old wives tales on the origin of the French dip sandwich, this delicious concoction originated in 1918 at Philippe’s Restaurant located in Chinatown in Los Angeles, CA. As legend has it, restaurant owner Philippe Mathieu felt so intimidated when a “hangry” police officer entered his restaurant asking for a roast beef sandwich he accidentally dropped the sandwich into a pan full of meat juice still hot from the oven. The officer was so impressed with the creation he returned with his friends eager to try this new sandwich and so the French dip sandwich was born. Make sure no one gets hangry at half time by serving your guests French dip sandwiches made with fresh Kaiser rolls from the Tops bakery, now buy one get one free along with great deals on freshly sliced and slow cooked, Charlie the Butcher Roast Beef for just $10.99 a lb. with your Tops Bonusplus Card.

Lionel Sternberger, owner of the Rite Spot in Pasadena, CA is the man we extend our thanks to for creating the cheeseburger. In the early 1920’a as he was creating his signature burger-the Aristocratic Burger, he accidentally burnt one side of the hamburger and decided to cover up his mistake with a mound of cheese instead of fessing up for his error. His other claim to fame? He lent some money to one Mr. Bob Wain, who opened a Bob’s Big Boy. Look to Tops ad this week to find great deals on Kraft Singles, buy one get one free to top your favorite cheeseburger or make sliders for a Superbowl snacks.

Need something sweet? Create a sundae bar for your guests in honor of Clarence Clifton Brown who was the first person who poured some hot fudge on an ice cream sundae at CC Brown’s on 7th and Flower Streets in downtown Los Angeles, CA creating the world’s first hot fudge sundae in 1906. Stop at Tops for all of your hot fudge sundae fixings including great deals on delicious Perry’s Ice Cream, just three for $10 and let your guests create their own world famous creations while they take in the half-time show.

New England Patriots:

When you think of New England you of course think of Boston Baked Beans! Its origin stems from a publicity stunt during old home week back in 1907 where the symbol for the event was a bean pot being held by two hands. Coupled with the great molasses flood in 1919 where two million gallons of baked beans ruptured and poured through the North End to the waterfront and Boston quickly became known for their baked beans! Look for Bushes Baked Beans, four cans for $5 with your Tops BonusPlus card at Tops to keep the theme alive and kicking.

Guests always love to snack on some delicious cheese and crackers especially when it’s from their home-teams state! Cabot Cheddar is another New England favorite. Cabot Creamery, which originated in Vermont in the early 20th century is now owned by over 1,200 farm families. Visit Tops dairy department for Cabot’s chunk or cracker cut cheese where you’ll find great deals on this snacktastic favorite for just $1.88. Fried Clam Strips are a favorite of New Englanders dating all the way back to 1916 when creator Lawrence ‘Chubby’ Woodman, created this crispy pick thanks to some words of advice. When a local fisherman suggested he fry some clams to help pick up diminishing sales Chubby and his wife Bessie gave it a whirl. After shucking some clams and throwing them in a pot with some lard, the couple experimented with different types of batters until they came up with a batter they liked. The end result-a combination of finely ground cornmeal and flour that the clams would be dipped in before deep frying. Create your own fried clam strip favorite recipe with SeaPak Clam Strips now on sale at Tops for just $8.99 with you Tops BonusPlus Card. Don’t have time to put together a full hometown themed spread? Let Tops do the heavy lifting! To order more traditional game day fanfare platters visit Tops Carry out Café, or call 1-800-925-8925 today.

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